Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What is Firefly Willows?

The other day, a few days after our grand opening, after the hub-bub died down, I had occasion to actually stop and think.

And I began to wonder, "What really is Firefly Willows?"

I wasn't looking for an elevator pitch or a one-liner or marketing copy. I was looking for a way to describe...what? The vision? The soul? The purpose? I don't know exactly what I was searching for, but as I ambled down the corridors of my heart, mind, and spirit, I found some things that I think Firefly Willows is. And I liked what I found.

Firefly Willows is a place where the healers come
To join hands
To support one another
To learn from each other
Where the healers practice their craft
and share their gifts.
Where they open their hearts to the people.

Firefly Willows is a place where the teachers come
To talk, and to listen
To share what they've learned
To open minds
And to learn from them.

Firefly Willows is a place where the people come
To be nurtured, healed, and loved
To be protected
To explore and experience and heal and grow
To discover things about themselves and the world that astonish.

Where the people come to be inspired, and to step into their own greatness and power.

And as they are nurtured, healed, and loved,
And as they explore and experience and discover,
The People, the Teachers, and the Healers
Love Firefly Willows in return,
Supporting, nurturing, and caring for this special place.

Firefly Willows is a place where friends and family come to celebrate love and life.

Where the community comes together, to laugh and cry and sing and dance and hope and dream and pray.

And heal.

Firefly Willows is a place to awaken, and to rest.

To do the hard work,

And to experience the joy of play.

And while all of this is true, Firefly Willows is still really just a newborn baby. I have to guard against asking or expecting Firefly Willows to do too much, too soon.

It's surprising, really, how much newborns can't do. And it dawned on me that what they can't do is a big part of their charm.

But what they can do is inspire us to bring our gifts, our best selves, and our hope.

And what they can do is receive love in the worthiest way, and hold the promise of a worthy life. Newborns hold us in the present moment even as they inspire us towards hope in the future.

That's how I feel about Firefly Willows. It makes me smile.

Come down and see our newborn baby. Maybe you'll walk away with a smile, too.