Monday, September 20, 2010

Dog: Remote Harmonic Sensing/Amplification Device

... or "Connoisseur of a Good Vibe"?

What is a dog?

I had a revelation about these characters when I was out in the back yard with a friend of mine Saturday evening. Lately, I've been contemplating quantum reality, field effects, and the nature of Qi. Contemplating the notion that we're all fields, radiating and absorbing energy.

So I've been primed for some unusual perceptions.

My friend and I were chatting about this esoterica in the cool of the early night. My wife let the dogs out, and they spotted us there in the dark, and rushed out in a tizzy, sounding the alarm.
Until, of course, they got to us, and then there was the sniffing and circling and the soft tones to calm them down and smooth them out.

And I thought, "What the heck is really going on here?"

I had a sudden vision of the resonant field that was myself, and the one that was my friend; of the general resonant field of the back yard, and the fields of each of the three dogs. Each of us had a different field, of course, because we're all unique.

What I found fascinating was what the dogs were doing. They were immersing themselves in the fields, sensing for harmonious interaction or dissonance. Where there was harmony, they amplified it, and enjoyed it immensely. Where there was dissonance or conflict, they sensed it and really didn't like it.

Their first experience was of transitioning from the house field to the back yard field at night. "Feels great," they said, and immersed themselves in it...only to sense two unexpected fields within the field.

Because it was unexpected, it was dissonant. "ALARM! ALARM!", and then the next level of investigation.

When they reached us, they were testing for harmony. When we spoke to them in calming tones, we were attempting to demonstrate the compatibility of our fields with one another, with the back yard, and with theirs. Showing them how all those fields could fit harmoniously together, so to speak.

So I got the sense that dogs were really like mobile sensing devices. They can go out into the world and register what's going on. If you have a good relationship with your dogs, they'll report back to you. If you have a great relationship with your dogs, they'll report back, quite specifically, on whether or not what they're sensing is harmonious with the things and people you care about. Of course, you ALSO have to have a well-developed field sensor, in order to understand what they're saying...

This line of thought also gave me new insight into how powerful a dog can be for a hunter. Very sharp remote sensing device, sending telemetry information back to the command center. In this case, there is significant value in the structure of the communication back to command. An average snout with a very sophisticated communication system is, I posit, much more valuable than a great snout with poor communication skills.

I think the communication skills that dogs develop are integrated with their vibe sensing and amplification skills. I suspect that may be how they communicate with us. They shape the carrier wave of our mutual communications to create a "vibe" that we can understand. They're not saying, "There's a rabbit over there!" Instead, I think they're saying, "I'm sensing a field of fear that is capable of moving very fast, emanating from that direction." Of course, it's informed by all their senses, including their spectacular olfactory system. But I think they're cognitive process is naturally inclined to the vibe, not the object.

Now, it's interesting to contemplate how our original relationship with dogs developed. Think of the evolving vibe, from the earliest interactions of curiosity (wolves considering humans and the smell of roasting meet around a fire) to the relationship of hunting pals to the modern relationship of family companion. Dogs have evolved along with us to become full participants in our family "field". They have quite a role, when you think of it this way. And thinking of it this way, one gets the sense of why some breeds are better for certain kinds of families, and other breeds are better for others. It depends on your family vibe, and whether you really want their help to amplify family harmony, or whether you want them to focus more on the remote sensing of incompatible fields that might threaten it. (Or, if you want a more utilitarian sensor to help you identify remote fields that you might want to eat...)

The big realization for me, I guess, is that dogs really like harmony. I'm starting to think of them as the ultimate connoisseurs of a good vibe. They can sense one, they enjoy one, and they totally are willing to contribute and amplify one.

They may be the best in the world at sensing and amplifying (and enjoying) a good vibe.

What do you think?


  1. Dogs have always been my favorite kinda people!! Not exactly the way I've always viewed them, but I can see how dogs could be viewed as 'remote sensors'. I'm happy if they're happy, and we all like being happy!!

  2. The Dog Whisperer also says that dogs want and actively seek harmony. They are uncomfortable and misbehave when their owners and home life don't provide them with it. Its amazing to watch Cesar teach people how to achieve balance and harmony with their dogs!