Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Sound of Mars at Play

Find Him Playing in the Crashing Surf

Last week I wrote about Mars in Retrograde, drawing the conclusion that it's really the effect of "Mars on Holiday" that we're experiencing - the "absence" of Mars, in a way.

In December, I pondered Mars at Play, but didn't really have a good handle on what kind of experience that would be.

But as I was getting the low-down on Mars in Retrograde, I received an additional bit of illumination. I was listening to Psychologically Ultimate Seashore, a 60 minute recording of the surf, and I realized - "There he is! And he's PLAYING!"

Contemplating it for a moment, and feeling into it, I realized - the POWER in the crashing surf is rambunctious, carousing, adventurous, and COMPLETELY without conflict. It's actually basking and rolling and expressing itself in the gentle, loving, and life-affirming container that is the water.

So there he was, playing in the surf. Relaxing, laughing, enjoying himself. Restoring himself. 

Mars on Holiday.

Interestingly, I've been feeling the need recently to grab my wet suit and head up the coast to Linda Mar (Spanish for Cute Sea) to do some body surfing. The cold Pacific on my hands, feet, and face. The roiling waves. The crashing tumult in my ears. The taste of salt water. 

Sounds like it will get my blood pumping, and I'll feel invigorated and refreshed, without the least bit of conflict or stress.


By the time night falls, I'll be ready for a deep, sound sleep.


  1. Considering Mars' legendary affairs with Venus, herself born of the sea foam and rising from the surf, there is a certain amount of poetic justice in this thought!

    1. Yes, indeed! I hadn't thought of that, because the Mars at Play I was experiencing wasn't romantic/erotic - more "kid-like", but I expect there's more to explore...

  2. I am deeply fascinated with psychic readings but never truly took the time to understand the intricate details of astrology. Is a retrograde planet good or bad? I have been hearing that a lot for the past two months. Anyway, I do love getting free tarot readings online but not sure if it is related to astrology. Astrology seems cool and more academic, compared to the cryptic tarot which is open to interpretation anyway!

  3. Yuri, thanks for stopping by (and sorry for the delay in responding). I can recommend an excellent guy who blends astrology and the Tarot. I get a bunch of insights from him. His name is HiC (actual given name...!) and you can find him at He actually creates something called "TarotScopes", a combination of Tarot and Horoscope, that I find quite fascinating. Drop him a note and tell him I sent you. You can also connect to HiC on Facebook, at the Firefly Willows facebook page or the TarotByHiC facebook page.