Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Only Prayer I'll Ever Need

This was not the blog post I anticipated. I have another one just about ready to go. But this morning, as I awakened, something got downloaded into my head.

A voice (thought?) said, ""The only prayer I'll ever need is this:

Joy, may my
Hands and heart
Align with thee
So that
You may
Flow through me."

That's it. I wanted to re-arrange, add, embellish. But no. That's it. Apparently, that's the only prayer I'll ever need. (Who knew?)

So now it's go me thinking. I'm curious. Do you have one? How did you find yours?


  1. I like that one. The only prayer I say every day is "give me the strength today to do what I need to do, so that today isn't wasted time."

  2. Nice one, JT - simple and honest. Thanks for that one.