Friday, July 2, 2010

You Are Here...

For a Reason

Something very strange just happened to me.

(I suppose that shouldn't surprise me by now.)

I spent Friday doing some deep work, right here at Firefly Willows. First thing in the morning, I did a QiGong class with Meg. Very simple and very powerful, QiGong is an Eastern discipline that focuses on the (very very) basics of our relationship to our deepest physical (quantum?) selves. I think of QiGong as the "way" to "be", with every double, triple, and quadruple entendre you can stuff in there. Meg's style and communications ability is really powerful and expertly tuned to this work.

Then I had a yoga class at noon with Zlata. We focused on clearing. I have some really old and gunky stuff that's stubbornly stuck. Zlata helped me find it and start to move it. She's powerfully observant, and offers the best yoga sessions I've ever had. It was an enlightening session.

I thought I would keep working on this self of mine throughout the day. Certain things within me are standing in the way of really embracing this new path I'm on. Mostly they have to do with the notion of "HARD WORK" and "DISCIPLINE". While I've got those down in spades, they haven't really been working for me lately. I've been pushing myself to the limit, for 12 or 14 hours at a stretch, and by the end, I've made about six inches of progress on something that should have been easy. So somebody's got the Trickster dialed up to maximum...

Anyway, I took Friday afternoon to do some deep body-mind meditation and clear out what I could, whatever was loosened through the QiGong and Yoga. And when I was done, after about three hours, I arose and realized, "Well, actually, I don't really know what to do next. If I go back to GRINDING the hard work thing, this whole exercise will probably be wasted, the lesson lost on me."

So, handy as they were, I reached for my trusty Runes. These were the ones I made in Costa Rica. Very soft and lovely beach stones. I noted the cast on a sheet of paper, and then headed back out into the light, to check on Gina and help with the front desk.

I had asked, "What should I do next, for the highest good?"

Now, I should say that lately the Runes have been harsh task-masters. All kinds of tough love, coming from Nauthiz, Algiz, Berkana reversed, etc. Stuff that says, "Dude, you are making choices that will lead to challenging terrain."

Needless to say, that kind of message just stoked my "buckle down and tough it out" gene. But I had a notion that doing so was actually the wrong direction. Intuition said so. Sonya spotted it in less than five minutes the other day, when she did a brief reading on me ("For you, working harder means doing less.")

Smart lady. Stubborn guy. Master Sergeant Discipline was unwilling to let go.

Anyway, back to the story. It's late on Friday night in downtown Los Altos - not a lot of foot traffic. But I decide to stay anyway. I had a funny feeling.

I took our little A-frame sign and put the message you see below on it:

And then I grabbed a tarot card from the Angel deck and the Faerie Deck, and stuck one on each edge.

Kinda cute.

I figured the right person would read the board and come right in. It would be another minor miracle - the Universe and I having a fun time dancing this whole thing out.

So out went the sign.

Then I came back inside and read my Rune Cast.

Very different from the ones I had been receiving.

And here's what they mean, in sum:

Inguz: Joyful deliverance, new life, new path. Completion of new beginnings.

Perth: A hidden matter or process, powerful forces of change that are not easily seen or understood. Requires that you let go of everything. No exceptions.

Jera: Harvest, after a season. Time is working on your side, but the transformation, and the harvest, can't be rushed.

Othila, reversed: This is not a time to be bound by old conditioning. Because you may be called upon to take a radical departure from old ways, total honesty is required. Otherwise, through negligence or refusal to see clearly you may cause pain to others and damage to yourself.

The Blank Rune: The Unknowable. The Divine. The Full/Empty Void. A leap of faith. Total trust.

So much stated so simply and clearly.

You Are Here. For a Reason.

Indeed, I guess I am.

(*Note: We're honored that Meg, Zlata, and Sonya are sharing their gifts here at Firefly Willows. Call us here - we'll connect you to these excellent practitioners.)


  1. Very interesting. Your Master Sergeant is a tough task master, and hard to ignore. We inherited him from Dad, I think. All of us need to pay more attention to our "Blythe Spirit".

  2. Yes, indeed we do. It's not that productivity is an enemy. Rather, I think sometimes the grind becomes its own reward (and at worst, an addiction). Then we miss the playful parts, the unexpected and surprising parts, because we don't leave them room to arrive.